Saturday, 13 February 2016

Essays Are Redundant

Are university essays relevant any more?

Does gruelling over a dozen books and journal articles before blindly forming an essay just to please your tutor help you learn anything?

Personally, I 'get it over with' and wait for my mark.

I enjoy writing essays, don't get me wrong. I love finding out about 'The Future Of Journalism' and 'Hyper-commercialisation'.

But I believe they are not an accurate portrayal of understanding or of academic ability.

When my course found out that the lecturer who had taught us a module was not the one marking our essay for that module, everyone panicked.

'I wrote this for Kate! Not Jairo!' They cried, believing all hope that their essay was good had vanished.

You see, essay-marking is partially about perspective. One lecture hates it when people use first person, one loves it and encourages it.

We write essays for the lecturer. For the deadline. For the grade. Not for ourselves.

When we should! Otherwise it's a jumbled mess of half-understood words and theories.

We are encouraged to not focus on the essay and deadlines, but on the course content. Which supposedly, and does, in some cases, pay off into the essay. You have to know the module content to write about it.

But our grade determines the world's perspective and judgement of our ability.  So we need to get that 2.1 or we look like academic failures.

There are a lot of pressures on us at university and I think essays and exams are two massive pressures which stunt our growth as students.

My alternative? Assessments weekly. But unorthodox assessments. Quizzes on the last lectures content, meaning you had to go an learn it to pass. What extra reading have you done this week? Oh, a journal article? What did you learn from that? Oh, that journalism can be saved. Well here's 5 more marks towards your degree for being proactive.

Treat me like a child. Give me motivation, rewards for studying.

- Beth

Twitter: @itsalmostbeth

Friday, 29 January 2016

#OnRepeat: January

When 5 Seconds Of Summer announced their second album, I immediately pre-ordered the deluxe edition to get access to their tour pre-sale.

The album showed up on my doorstep in late October and after a brief play through, it lay neglected on my desk. 

That isn't to say I was disappointed with the music; I was just too preoccupied with life and university to become obsessed with it.

Early January, I rediscovered the standard version on Spotify and downloaded it so I could listen to it 24/7.

Sounds Good, Feels Good? More like Sounds Amazing, Feels Addictive!

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

MY FIRST VLOG! | Daily Vlog 1

Daily Vlog!

Come with me through a typical day in university and watch as I have many first world problems, such as having no cereal in the flat!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Manchester Night Out Review: The Font and Fifth Avenue

A couple of weeks ago I travelled back to Manchester to celebrate the end of my only exam (which I did on 20th January... it went well!). My friends and I went to the cocktail bar 'The Font' and then the nightclub '5th Avenue' for their Propaganda night. 

I don't often go 'out' as I'm not a massive fan of getting drunk, but I enjoy doing it with my closest friends every now and again. 

This is a review of my first 'real' night out and my first time visiting Fifth Ave. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Slim-Fast 3.2.1. | Diet

I stepped on the scales a couple of weeks ago and, although it was 6pm at night and I was wearing clothes, discovered I'd put on around five pounds since I last weighed myself.

I'm not a weight-obsessed person, although I've always wanted a flatter stomach, but these additional pounds took me into the next stone up and, according to a BMI calculator, tipped me over the border to 'overweight'.

Since lent is coming up soon anyway (and I always give up chocolate for lent) I thought going on a diet would be a great transition into giving up chocolate, biscuits and crisps. 

And thus... I turned to Slim-Fast.